Sonic Fan Film World Premiere & Online Release

After 2 years in the making, the live-action “Sonic” fan film starring Jaleel White will be released online January 9th, 2013 after a world premiere screening at MAGFest 2013, occurring January 3th-6th. The screening will have Writer/Director Eddie Lebron in attendance with Producers David S. Horowitz and Daniel Horowitz, all of whom will be doing a Q&A after the screening. In addition to showing various other bonus videos related to the project. While the release has been confirmed, the exact date and time of the world premiere will be announced publicly once the MAGFest 2013 schedule has been finalized. Check back here for the date and time World Premiere at Magfest 2013. Feel free to leave comments below. All updates will be posted here so please stay tuned.

About the “Sonic” Fan Film
“Sonic” is a non-profit, 25 minute live-action short fan film based on the iconic blue hedgehog, featuring the voice of Jaleel White, returning to play the character which he first played in 1993. The film is written/directed by Eddie Lebron and produced by Blue Core Studios; known for their feature length "MegaMan" fan film that was released online May 2010.

The film serves as a prequel to the original 1991 classic with various new elements integrated from all of the known Sonic the Hedgehog mythologies. The film aims to establish a revised story; similarly to how Archie Comics did a new take on the character separate from the game's known canon. The short will feature a blend of both live-action and computer-generated sequences featuring many well known Sonic enemies, including his arch nemesis: Dr. Robotnik.

The film was financed out of pocket with the help of fan donations all across the world. Eddie Lebron, along with Blue Core Studios, hopes to explore greater avenues with this project once it's completed and released publicly.

For more information on the Magfest, visit: http://www.magfest.org
For more information on the film, visit: http://www.sonicfanfilm.com, http://www.facebook.com/sonicfanfilm
For more information about Blue Core Studios, visit: http://www.blucorestudios.com, http://www.facebook.com/BlueCoreStudios

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